A online event to present and discuss Nordic papers from CHI 2020

Organisers: Barry Brown (Stockholm University), Mai Ciolfi Felice (KTH), Kia Höök (KTH), Airi Lampinen (Stockholm), Donald McMIllan (Stockholm)

1:00pm-5:30pm (CEST, Stockholm time) Monday April 27th
8:30am-1pm Tuesday 28th

Thanks everyone for a successful online event!

Youtube videos are online of videos from all the sessons:

We also have a medium post with reflections on how the event went, and lessons for running an online conference.

Thanks again!

Please Note: CHI Nordic is an online event to cover the absence of a CHI conference this year. For the leading "IRL" HCI conference in the Nordics please go to NordiCHI'20: Note the submission deadlines for the Nordic CHI conference coming up in April and May.