We have 50 papers presentations from the Nordic papers accepted to CHI this year. For presenters we ask you to either present live, or (preferably) prepare your presentation in video format in advance.

Please read these instructions carefully! This is the first time we are running such a large online event, and so for everything to work we really really need presenters to follow these instructions. If there is anything you don't understand please email us (!.

Your presentation should be under 10 minutes long and offer a compelling summary of your paper. We have focused on offering 10 minutes of discussion for each presentation, due to the demands of having an online meeting we have cut the paper presentation time slightly from what you would have had at the CHI conference.

If you have a pre-recorded video file please name it as your last name followed by paper number e.g. "Brown122.mp4". Send us a link to the video file (dropbox is a good way of sending us big files), by Friday 24th April. If you use an online recording service (like Loom) you can also email us the URL and we will put the link into the program. There are good online guides for preparing an online presentation. Please record your talk where we can see you presenting AND your slides. Loom is one good tool for quickly preparing online videos, but you can also record using Zoom.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your session starts in Zoom, and the chair will test that your video works (if you have one), and that you can hear questions that the chair will ask.